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PhD candidate position in Biochar Use in PFAS Reduction in Environment

Open application for a doctoral candidate in Environmental Engineering
The doctoral candidate position is available in the faculty of the Environmental Engineering Department of Environmental Protection and Water Engineering/Institute of Environmental Protection. Applicants interested in other research topics related to chemical engineering, environmental geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and industrial ecology are also welcome to apply.

Research topic description
Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) have been widely used in industry and consumer products such as in coatings for textiles, paper products, cookware, firefighting foams, photographic imaging, construction, electronics, and aviation industries. PFASs are highly persistent, including their high resistance to biological degradation. Thus, if PFASs are not adequately used or treated, they may be emitted into the environment and accumulation in the environmental compartments (including soil and freshwater), posing a risk to human health. It was already evident that PFASs have been linked to many harmful health effects, including cancer, liver damage, and hormone disruption. Since February 2023, around 200 PFASs will be banned based on EU regulations. Due to PFASs’ unique properties, and high risk, even at environmental concentrations in the ppb or ppt level, it is necessary to have good control of PFASs. Reduction of PFASs using biochar, which is considered both a negative emission technology and carbon removal technology, would serve as a multifaced benefit for environmental protection.

The selected candidate will work on the PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr Edita Baltrėnaitė-Gedienė. The successful applicant will have to attend scientific conferences, meetings and internships at other universities.

• Required background: BSc and MSc in environmental engineering/environmental science/biology.
• Expected skills and knowledge: laboratory work, fieldwork, modelling (would be an advantage)

It is a prerequisite that you can be present at and accessible to the institution daily.

For more information
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. The position may not be opened if no qualified candidate is found. Additional information regarding the post may be obtained from Prof. Dr Edita Baltrėnaitė-Gedienė,

Programme structure

The PhD programme consists of:
· Independent research under supervision;
· Courses for PhD students (approximately 30 ECTS credits);
· Participation in research networks, including placements at other, primarily foreign, research institutions;
· Teaching or another form of knowledge dissemination, which is related to the PhD topic when possible;
· The completion of a PhD thesis.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
1 Nov 2023

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
1 Nov 2023

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States