VILNIUS TECH introduces new MBA study programme in English for academic year 2022-2023.

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a one year master’s degree programme focused on the development of the competencies required for the creation, management and development of business in strategically important industrial sectors, especially for executives and senior managers.

Trends in the working environment show that the labour market is undergoing major changes, with declining demand for medium-skilled workers and rising demand for highly skilled workers such as managers. There is a need in the labor market to hire executives and senior managers. However, there is a lack of professionals in the market with collaboration, communication, teamwork, data evaluation and other skills.

Taking into account this situation in Lithuania and all over the world, universities are also responding – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) Faculty of Business Management offers a new study programme – Master of Business Administration. What makes it exceptional?

“The main goal of the study programme is to prepare masters of business administration who are able to creatively apply the latest knowledge of management science and business management, who know how to create and manage modern business organizations. They are also able to systematically analyze and solve practical business problems, applying the latest technology-based business and business environment research methods, to make innovative management decisions and determine their potential impact on the environment ”, says Dean of Business Management faculty Prof. Jelena Stankevičienė.

Distinct standing – one-year studies

The MBA programme is distinguished by the fact that the studies last for one year. This allows you to acquire new skills faster for an existing job or when planning to change the nature of work.

The study programme was developed taking into account the current situation in the labor market: when employees migrate not only from one job to another, but also between different professions. Changing professions and jobs requires the rapid acquisition of not only new skills but also the skills needed for reorientation.

Quite often, inexperienced executives face many challenges. However, during the pandemic, it was noted that they also faced a number of leadership challenges. Managers had to not only retrain to lead remote teams or move to mixed work, but also to find ways to ensure employee well-being and maintain productivity.

According to Head of the MBA programme prof. Renata Korsakienė, there are flexible opportunities for students to acquire the skills required for a supervisor in a short period of time by choosing one of the alternative study modules.

“Elective modules are human resource management, technological entrepreneurship and innovation, financial management and business economics engineering. During the final MBA subject, students will be able to do an internship in Lithuanian and foreign organizations. During it, real problems arising in business will be solved, they will be consulted by business professionals.” says prof. R. Korsakienė.

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You can submit your application online until 15th of July 2022.

6 Jan 2022